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Locations and events

Explore places and events using our beautifully designed map tools.

Discover new facts and photos about the world in which your ancestors lived.


Historical maps

Upload, share and view historical maps.

Picture the places in your family history as your ancestors would have seen them.

Find and place events at locations that no longer exist.

Use our easy to use tools to upload your own maps or find maps shared by others.

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Historical map
Map annotations

Annotation tools

A set of tools to annotate the map.

Mark places you're interested in researching and keep track of your progress. It's ideal for planning a research trip.

Make notes and display the results of your research.

Share your notes and findings with friends and family.

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Geographic roots

Trace your family's geographic roots and explore their movements over time.

Step through a chronological journey of your whole family or choose which individuals you want to view.

Stop off on the journey to see what else was happening at that time and place - even view the journey on a map of the period.

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Share, follow and connect

Add your ancestors' story to the stories of others to build a unique picture of an event.

Find and connect with other people with an interest in the same places and events as you.

Follow places, people and events and be informed when new information is added.

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